Clean Better. Vacuum Maintenance 101 will save you $$$.

You’re busy, we get it. You’ve never considered regular maintenance of your vacuum cleaner other than changing the bag or emptying the dust bin when full. But According to Rick Fetch, owner of The Vac Stop vacuum store in the Renningers Market in Mount Dora Florida, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep customers coming in for their routine vacuum maintenance. We have found that many of our customers come in only because they have lost suction or the brush roll has stopped turning. We hear from people from all over central Florida, Orlando and the Villages area that they have even purchased new vacuums before checking with the Vac Stop to see if their old machine could be repaired. It’s a shame, because simple maintenance could have saved them the expense of a new vacuum cleaner.

Fetch points out, “there are many things you can do yourself to avoid costly vacuum cleaner repair and keep your vacuum running well. And with minor maintenance, your vacuum cleaning will not only perform much better, it will last much longer as well.”

Over time, your vacuums can show signs of wear quicker than other appliances because they are used used in in the average home, several times a week to not only clean carpets and floors, but also to pickup dry spills above the floor as well as clean furniture surfaces, curtains and a wide range of other messes in the home. Routine maintenance tasks are typically overlooked such as cleaning out the dust bin on bagless vacuums before every use, checking to see that the filters are unobstructed, and the belt is tight. Plus, every few years the brush roll needs to be replaced to maintain optimal cleaning.

Most things you can do yourself to avoid costly vacuum cleaner repair and keep your vacuum running well..

  • Vacuum Belt. Changing the belt is easy, but it’s not something that you want to leave until the last minute. It’s important for safety reasons as well as for keeping your vacuum working at optimal efficiency. If you see cracks or breaks in the belt, replace it immediately!
  • Filters & Dust Bin. Your filters should be washed every few months with warm soapy water and dried before putting back into place on your vacuum cleaner. This can prolong their life span by years if done correctly! Don’t forget about replacing the dust bin when needed either – they’re cheap enough so there’s no reason not too!
  • Replace the brush-roll every 2 – 3 years as the brushes wear down and tend to become soft.

It is especially important to pay attention to filters on bagless vacuum cleaners.

There are many different types of filters for vacuum cleaners. They are made to be used with the machine and not always replaceable. The filter is what captures dirt, dust, hair and all other unwanted substances that could be brought into your home through your vacuum cleaner.

The purpose of a filter is to keep these items from being sucked into the motor of the machine. If this happens then it will cause problems in your vacuum cleaner over time and may need replacing sooner than normal, which can be costly if it needs repaired or replaced altogether because they aren’t cheap! Perhaps more importantly as pointed out by Doug Kropelnicki who manages the Hunterville store location, filters can catch and trap dust and allergens to keep you and your family from breathing them in.

When should you change them? If they get full of dust etc then they need changing straight away so that doesn’t happen again! You should also check them regularly (how often depends on how much use their getting) so that way you know when one needs replacing as well as cleaning out once every few months just incase there might be some left behind after using it recently too!

Obviously, Vacuums are supposed to clean, not blow dust everywhere. However, this isn’t always the case.

The best way to keep your vacuum running in tip-top shape is to clean it regularly. You might think that vacuums have a mind of their own and can clean themselves, but they actually need constant care and attention. Filters get clogged easier than most of our Central Florida customers realize. Clogged and partially blocked vacuum cleaner filters reduce your vacuum cleaners efficiency. A dirty or clogged vacuum will perform poorly, so you’ll want to make sure everything is nice and clean before you use it. 

As it turns out, a poorly maintained vacuum is the top spreader of dust into your home’s air. Vacuum filters that are partially blocked, can cause dirty air to bypass them due to pressure build-up in the machine and cause excess dust to escape through the vacuum seals and into the air outside of the vacuum. This is more common than most people think according to The Vac Stop vacuum sales and repair business in Mount Dora’s Renninger’s Flea Market.

We recommend giving your machine a thorough cleaning at least every three months (or whenever you notice something doesn’t seem quite right). This should include:

  • Cleaning the dust bin (and emptying it) or changing the bag.
  • Removing any debris from the nozzle – this can build-up and block the air intake into the vacuum
  • Using compressed air to blow out any loose hair or dirt that’s built up in the hose and attachments
  • Cleaning or changing the vacuum filters as directed by the manufacturers instructions.
  • Checking the spinning brush roll stiffens and length of the bristles.
  • Lightly spraying your machines dust bin and intake area with a disinfectant spray like Lysol disinfectant.

Vacuums that don’t turn on or have very little suction could have a broken belt or clogged filters.

If your vacuum does not turn on or has very little suction, you may have a broken belt. First, check the belt for wear and tear. If it is worn out, replace it with a new one as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your vacuum cleaner.

If the belt is not broken, check if your brush roll is spinning freely with no resistance while in use. If there is any resistance when you push down on this part of the vacuum cleaner, then chances are good that it needs some cleaning or replacement. A dirty brush roll can hinder airflow through the machine and cause problems with suction power as well as overheating issues that could cause a fire hazard if left unchecked for too long (even though most newer models come equipped with safety features).

Next up: check for clogs! Make sure there isn’t anything stuck inside either where dirt goes into the bag compartment or where dirt comes out from underneath where you put trash into place before starting up again (which often happens after emptying said compartment). If everything looks clear here then move onto troubleshooting faulty wiring connections by checking power switches first–if they’re okay then look at plugs/cords themselves before moving further down this list until eventually finding out which one needs replacing instead of just fixing itself like most things tend do when we’re working hard enough at solving problems ourselves instead letting someone else do all

The simple act of replacing the belt may solve your problem for half the cost of having it repaired in The Vac Stop’s service department.

The most common problem with a vacuum cleaner is the belt. The belt turns the brushroll and when it breaks, it can cause all kinds of problems. The good news is that belts are cheap and easy to replace. Most vacuums have an access panel on the back or side that allows you to easily change out the belt yourself without even having to pull your vacuum apart!

Here’s what you need to know before replacing your vacuum cleaner belt:

  • You may be able to solve your problem by just replacing the belt with something new.
  • Replacing an old broken-down model will save you money over time compared with purchasing a new one every year or two depending on how often you use it (and how much money you spend on repairs/parts in between).

The final thing we will touch on is checking for any blockage in the vacuum. This can be a simple fix if you are careful and don’t get dust everywhere. If your vacuum is still not working, it might be time to call the professionals at The Vac Stop, serving all of Central Florida, including Mount Dora, the Orlando area and The Villages. They can help with more complicated issues that may require part replacement or other repairs that are best left to the professionals. Your vacuum cleaner can be the most important tool in keeping your home clean and maintaining your families health.

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Clean Better. Vacuum Maintenance 101 will save you $$$. 2

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