Healthier Cleaning with Steam in Central Florida!

In this era of Covid and Monkeypox, have you felt like your home or business could use a deep, cleanse? You’re not alone according to Rick Fetch at The Vac Stop in the Mount Dora Renningers Market. This is especially true for homes with young children as well as our more mature clients like those living in the Villages. The first step to cleaning out all that unwanted gunk from your life is making sure you’re using safe products when doing so. Steam cleaning has been proven to be one of the best ways to clean because it’s safer and more effective than chemical cleaners. The next time you’re looking for a deep clean at home or work make sure you consider steam cleaning!

Did you know that Steam cleans as effectively as Chemicals?

It’s true. Steam is hot, and it can kill bacteria. You’ve probably seen that before—it’s common knowledge that steam is good for killing germs, right? Well, it also cleans as effectively as chemicals do at removing dirt and grime from your home surfaces. Steam can be used on hard surfaces like tile, glass and grout, as well as carpeting and upholstery!

Chemical Residues can build-up over time.

The Vac Stop’s line of premium steam/vapor cleaners, Ladybug dry steam systems provides a chemical-free, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cleaning methods that is safe, healthy and leaves zero residue that can build up and have possible adverse health reactions like chemical cleaning. This type of steam is generated by heating water in a sealed chamber and then spraying it through a steam head either directly or through a cleaning cloth to super heat, disinfect and clean almost any surface in your home.

Chemical cleaning can trigger allergic reactions.

Chemical cleaning can cause allergic reactions.

Chemical cleaners are harmful to the environment, and chemicals can seep into your home’s soil and groundwater over time if not disposed of properly.

Chemical cleaning products can be harmful to your skin, eyes, respiratory system and even damage your lungs over time; some of these effects may not appear for years after exposure has stopped!

Steam cleaning leaves no harmful residue.

The whole point of cleaning is to remove dirt and grime, right? When you use a chemical cleaner, you’re removing the dirt. But what happens when those chemicals dry on your floors and other home surfaces? They can leave behind a residue that builds up over time and triggers allergic reactions in some people. Steam cleaning leaves no harmful residue behind because it’s all vaporized before it ever dries!

Cleaning with steam is not only a safer way to clean, it’s more effective and affordable way to clean your home and business.

Steam cleaning is not only a safer way to clean, it’s more effective and affordable way to clean your home and business.

Steam cleaning is a natural process that uses steam pressure to remove dirt and grease from surfaces. The continuous flow of steam produced by the machine loosens dirt, which can then be easily wiped away with a soft cloth or brush. Because there are no chemicals involved in the process, there is no residue left behind on surfaces after they have been cleaned with steam. Steam cleaning also kills bacteria at their source so they don’t spread into your air supply where they can cause sicknesses like influenza or pneumonia (such as those experienced during cold & flu season).

The benefits of using an electric steamer include: reduced labor costs associated with chemical applications; better results because any surface can be cleaned without damaging its finish; improved employee safety because there’s no need for mixing or handling hazardous liquids; less odors associated with chemical cleaners; faster drying times (not requiring overnight drying) so you can get back into your space sooner rather than waiting until tomorrow morning before doing another application – one less day spent away from work means more productivity); environmental friendliness since there aren’t any hazardous ingredients involved in making these products available for purchase.”


Cleaning with steam is the best way to clean your home and business. There are many benefits to using a steam cleaner over traditional cleaners. Steam cleaning not only leaves you with a sparkling clean surface but it also helps remove harmful chemical residues that build-up over time and can trigger allergic reactions. With no harmful residue left behind, steam cleaning is an environmentally friendly option for all types of surfaces including carpets, fabrics and hardwood floors!

If you are interested in seeing how effective and easy it is to replace those harmful cleaning chemicals in your home with clean, healthy efficiency of steam in the Central Florida, Orlando area, including the Villages and surrounding communities, visit The Vac Stop in the Renningers Market, Mount Dora for a hands on demonstration.

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