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Installing a central vacuum system in your Orlando home, condominium or office is easier than you think, is an excellent investment to improve your ability to clean the space you live in, improve indoor air quality, and increase the value of your home. The entire system typically costs much less than you imagine.

The professional installation team at The Vac Stop has been serving the Orlando area and Central Florida for over 30 years. Our process makes the installation clean, easy, and fast.  Most Orlando central vacuum installations take less than a day.  In pre-existing homes and structures, there is little to no mess involved, and the finished system looks like it was installed during the original construction phase or building process.  There is no patching or painting required in almost 100% of installations in existing buildings.

If you have ever used or owned a central vacuum system in the past, you’ll be surprised to learn the latest advancements in Orlando central vacuum technology called “Hide-A-Hose, which adds the convenience of a self-retracting central vacuum hose to the system.  The new hoses are 1/3 the weight of past systems and amazingly store away within piping inside of the walls and behind the central vacuum inlet.  Each hose is between 30 and 60 feet allowing the cleaning of areas up to 2800 square feet.  To use the new systems, simply pull out the length of hose from the wall inlet needed to clean an area.  Lock the hose in place with the flip of a switch.  Attach your tools and begin cleaning.  When finished cleaning, detach the wand.  Unlock the hose.  Then cover the end of the hose and watch it automatically retract back into the wall in seconds.  Cleaning with a Hide-A-Hose self-retracting hose central vacuum system from The Vac Vac Stop couldn’t be easier or more convenient.

Orlando Central Vacuum Installation by The Vac Stop is a home improvement project that gives you more bang for the buck than almost any other home addition.  Our systems typically last over 30 years and are designed to be serviced and upgraded if the need ever arises.

We make the entire process pain-free and easy.

– Schedule an appointment for an in-home inspection and FREE Estimate.  If you’re in the planning phase, The Vac Stop is happy to sit down with you, your builder, and or architect to discuss options, details, and our entire installation process.

– If you have an existing home, schedule an in-home visit for our complimentary estimate and to have all of your questions and concerns addressed.  Once you decide to move forward, we schedule an installation day.  Most Orlando central vacuum installations take less than a day for homes under 2000 square feet.  You can figure an additional day for each 2000 square feet more of space.

– For Homes under construction, the central vacuum process is installed in two phases.  The first phase, or rough-in begins after stud walls are up, and electrical, plumbing, and A/C work are completed and just prior to adding sheetrock.  The final phase is completed when all construction is completed.  This is where we hang the power unit, install the hoses, deliver the cleaning tools and go over the proper use and care of your system.

If you’ve been considering a central vacuum system installation in your new home or even your existing home, what are you waiting for?  The Vac Stop Central Vacuum Installation is a phone call away.  Call The Vac Stop today for a FREE estimate, or fill out our form below.

Orlando Central Vacuum Installation by the Vac Stop

Thank you for your interest in central vacuum installation by The Vac Stop. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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