Central vacuum systems are a great addition to any home, but especially for people who are entering retirement like many of The Vac Stop customers are in The Villages community in Central Florida. They offer many benefits compared to a traditional vacuum cleaner that seniors appreciate, including faster cleaning, more thorough cleaning in less time, lightweight, and other advantages for senior citizens.

The Benefits of Central Vacuums for Seniors

Central vacuums are easier to use, more environmentally friendly, more convenient, and more efficient. The newer systems feature a Hide-A-Hose self-retracting hose system that offers the ultimate convenience of a lighter-weight hose that stores itself away when you are finished cleaning. Central vacuum systems installed by the Vac Stop also have the added benefit of being easy to use because they don’t rely on the user’s physical strength to get the job done. According to Rick Fetch, owner of The Vac Stop, The Villages community, which is a retirement community is our #1 installation area throughout Central Florida. It seems that more and more seniors are realizing the ease of use of a central vacuum.

A central vacuum System cleans faster and quieter

A central vacuum system makes vacuuming easier and faster. These units are significantly more powerful than regular vacuums, which means they can suck up dirt, hair, and other debris in one fell swoop. In addition to being efficient at cleaning the floors, these systems also save you time because you don’t have to move the vacuum around your house; instead, you use a lightweight hose that is more manageable than pushing or pulling a heavy cleaner where ever you go. Surprisingly, central vacuum systems are significantly more quiet than traditional vacuums because the power unit that creates the suction is located outside of the living area.

We’ve found that quite a few of our seniors in The Villages retirement community suffer from a hearing condition called tinnitus which is exacerbated by the noise produced by traditional vacuum cleaners and cordless brooms as well. The extremely quiet operation of a central vacuum has helped a lot of our customers find relief for their condition while vacuuming.

A central vacuum hose is lighter weight than traditional vacuum cleaners

A central vacuum hose is lighter weight than traditional vacuum cleaners, so it’s easier for seniors to use. With a centralized system, there’s no need to lug around a heavy, bulky upright or canister vac—the hose will work just fine. In fact, because of this lightness and ease of movement, you’re more likely to keep your home clean as well!

If you have used a central vacuum system in the past, you would be amazed at how light the new retractable hose systems from Hide-A-Hose are. These new hoses are about 1/3 the weight compared to hoses just 10 years ago.

A central vacuum system cleans more thoroughly

One of the most important factors in choosing a central vacuum is its power. It’s important to have a powerful unit that will be able to suck up all types of debris, from dust and dirt to smaller objects like crumbs or pet hair in a single pass.

A central vacuum system cleans more thoroughly than traditional vacuums because of the increased suction power, plus it can reach every corner and crevice in your home that a traditional vacuum cleaner is just too bulky to maneuver into.


Combine lighter weight, increased power, shorter cleaning time, maneuverability, and overall efficiency of a central vacuum system compared to a traditional vacuum or cordless broom, and you’ll see why a central vacuum system is our top recommendation for our senior citizen clientele and why areas like The Villages retirement community in Central Florida is the fastest growing segment of the central vacuum installation business. It’s clear that central vacuums for seniors is a great option to consider.

If you are nearing retirement, or already there and looking for a way to make the necessary task of using a vacuum cleaner easier and more convenient moving forward, contact The Vac Stop operating out of the Renninger’s Market in Mount Dora Florida. Their showroom is open Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am to 4 pm and they have central vacuum systems set up plus a large selection of traditional vacuum cleaners for comparison and hands-on demonstrations. You can call them 7 days a week at (352) 735-2332 to get more information about central vacuums for seniors.

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